About Us

Thompsons Plant Hire is a family business based in Flimby on the Cumbrian coast. Founded in 1994 by Kevin Thompson, the business has grown from an acorn with just a couple of wagons and plant to a mighty oak with over 100 vehicles, serving several blue chip companies.

The business covers a wide area, from the forests of the north of Scotland where they have shredding equipment processing biomass, through Lancashire where they have contracted plant machinery working on replacing Blackpool's famous tramlines, to South Wales where they have artics with walking floor trailers delivering biofuel to a power plant.

Plant Hire continues to sit at the core of the company although in recent years the business has diversified to include green waste recycling and biomass production, creating biofuel for the renewable energy industry.

Thompsons is a family business and the company's family values are reflected in the highly motivated workforce, who take pride in working for Kevin. It also means Thompsons Plant Hire have a flexibility not often found in larger companies.

This flexibility was demonstrated when the company was tasked to load 70,000 tonnes of aggregate onto trains for transportation to the low level nuclear waste repository at Drigg, where it was to be used as lining material. It was quite a challenge as the trains were loaded directly on a live rail line rather than a dedicated siding, which was a first in UK rail history. This effectively blocked the mainline, while 1,400 tonnes were loaded in a 3½-hour window through the night. Thompsons made the deadline with every one of the loads and the trains left on schedule causing no disruption to other rail traffic.