Abnormal Load Escort

Thompsons Plant Hire provide a professional Abnormal Load Escort Service which can accommodate all of your abnormal loads escort needs. Whether you require a national end-to-end service or are just passing through Cumbria, we can help.

Being situated in the Lake District, we can easily access areas: from the north of Scotland down through Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and into the midlands. In addition to those areas we are happy to cover any substantial escorting requirement within the UK mainland.

Many police forces only have limited availability when it comes to their abnormal load escort service and there is usually a charge. Past experience has shown that the police cost is usually higher than using a private escort service.

Thompsons escort specifications fully comply with, and indeed exceed the Highways Agency code of practice for the escorting of abnormal indivisible loads.

Thompsons have two low loaders available for hire, which are capable of moving up to 150 tonne loads. The company is therefore able to offer a one-shop solution for all your escorting and heavy haulage needs.

The priority is always the safe movement of your abnormal load. With over twenty years experience of moving abnormal loads, Thompsons Plant Hire, Abnormal Load Escort Service offer a complete escort solution.

Talk to us more about Abnormal Load Escort- call us on 01900 818010 or email us.